General Historical Research

What I need from you

An outline of your research interest.
An indication of what research you have already carried out (or had carried out on your behalf) at archives and libraries in Wellington.
References or sources you already know of that you wish to be checked.
A specified research time limit.
Pre-payment for the first hour of research. (see Prices)

Be as precise as possible in your request, e.g. "Please check Woodville district newspapers of October-December 1887 for a death notice, funeral notice, inquest report or obituary of Mrs. May Dupp. No more than two hours. Enclosed: pre-payment of $55.00"

Film Research

If you are seeking a film or footage for a new production, you can benefit from my expert knowledge of the films of the National Film Unit and early New Zealand film makers. I have been researching and writing about New Zealand film history for over thirty years. I worked at the National Film Unit from 1974 until 1987, for nine of those years as a film archivist. I was film archivist at National Archives from 1988 until 2005, running a preservation copying programme and assisting users throughout that period.

I can visit the major holdings of film in Wellington - The New Zealand Film Archive, Archives New Zealand, New Zealand Television Archive - to find the shots you require, or I can suggest other sources or direct you to relevant holdings elsewhere.